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We are a boutique content marketing agency situated in the culturally up-and-coming city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa - which has many stories of its own. Culturally diverse, with a rich history, Port Elizabeth is home to a bursting creative industry and up-and-coming foodie heaven, and we call it home.

Magpies are part of the Corvidae (crow) family. Many of the crows in Southern Africa resemble Magpies with their white-breasted plumage, but are in fact, larger, and shorter tailed - and properly called Pied Crows. Magpies are not indigenously found in Southern Africa. They have one of the most developed 'vocabularies' in the animal kingdom and are highly intelligent - some studies show that they have the intelligence level of some primates. In folklore, magpies have been referred to as 'the cunning prophet' and groups of magpie were traditionally considered good luck - the type of luck depended on the number in the group.
Magpies are the only non-mammal species that are able to recogise themselves in the mirror.

Combine this with origami - the Japanese art of paper folding, and our magpies have wings.

We think the origami magpie concept is the perfect metaphor for telling stories about brands and what brands represent - and giving these stories wings with which to fly.