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With today's consumers being bombarded from every angle by advertising and marketing in all their forms, more and more users are seeking to journey with a brand, instead of being metaphorically hit over the head with products and special offers.

What this means, is that your customer - or potential customer - wants to buy into the brand first, before buying its products or services. They want engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking content. They want to know the 'realness' of your brand before consuming it. And once they buy in to your brand's authenticity, uniqueness or what it is that sets you apart, they are likely to be fiercely loyal.

Content means brand loyalty and that equals sales! 

'People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.'  
Simon Sinek, Author and motivational speaker 

At Magpie Marketing we specialise in content strategy and management, creation and execution. We love telling stories and seeing how they help brands to build strong, sustainable relationships over time - and ultimately grow their brand.

How we can help you:
- drafting your content marketing strategy
- conception and management of campaigns utlising selected and targeted media - online or offline - or both
- working with your advertising agency to conceptualise and create content marketing campaigns
- training your staff and management in how to decipher the digital landscape

We can also help you with bite-sized chunks of content:
- Website content
- Social media content
- Newsletter content and dissemination
- Drafting articles for editorial
- Copywriting for marketing collateral
- Scriptwriting and creative input on video and radio marketing

If your brand is serious about engaging audiences on a deeper level, then content marketing is for you. Magpie Marketing will add a unique spin to your brand and engage users that you may never have engaged before.